Exam Tips - How to Attempt The Exam Paper For Higher Score ?

Exam Tips - How to Attempt The Exam Paper For Higher Score?

     here have some important tips for you to attempt your examination paper in a better way and get a higher score the parameters on which I'll talk are time management presentation content and layout so I'll tell you about them one by one as far as time management is concerned I would suggest you that you must read the question paper for the first 10 minutes you can make out which questions are comparatively easier for you.

     I will suggest you attempt the easier questions first they will help you in two ways first of all as they are easy for you-you will take lesser time to attempt them and as you know the answer better they will fetch you better marks.

     the next step is that do not spend excess time on any particular question so just in case you feel that you are not able to write you are not able to attempt the answer faster just leave the question over there go ahead to the next question once you have attempted the remaining paper go back to that question and then complete it attempt all the questions do not leave out any question as far as presentation is concerned so important tips for data neatness if your paper is neat you have written it very neatly it will get you.

    that your paper should be legible now by legible I mean that your handwriting should be very clear it should be easily readable by the paper checker so that they don't have to put a lot of emphases to read what you have written I would suggest you to use highlight now what kind of highlights you can use is you can underline your important points with a pencil or you can use numbering also and in whichever question it is possible to try and give you answer in points rather than writing a paragraph the next thing as content is concerned I would suggest you that right precise answer don't beat about the bush wherever it is possible.

    give reference to the text now whichever questions are based on the text so give refer to the text in support of your answer wherever it is possible or wherever the question asks you to write your own ideas also to support whatever you are writing you can give some facts which add on to your answer which make your answer more stronger and they will definitely get you better MA another thing is the word limit now in whichever question there is a word limit which is given do stick to that be very particular do not exceed the word limit and don't remain below the word limit because either way that will lead to mark deduction as far as grammar is concerned I will suggest you use some good vocabulary use some good words they

     leave a good impression on the examiner and they will give you good marks for that the sentences that you make should be grammatically correct any grammatical errors will lead to deduction of marks the format of your answer the layout of your answer should be grammatically correct if you make any spelling mistakes any error of such kind will lead to negative marking so be particular about your Spelling's also marked this is very important for the language paper we wish you best of luck for your exams.

Tips for English Speaking Exams (IELTS, TOEFL, FCE, CAE)

Tips for English Speaking Exams: learning English and the English language in this episod was going to talk about speaking exams so here is the question for today Gemma from Spain ah how can I prepare for an English speaking exa fantastic question Gemma, now I remember taking speaking exams back in school and this was for French things are very different but then but I still felt really nervous about it because you're speaking in the foreign language and people are assessing you.
Tips for English Speaking Exams

  So it is quite nerve-wracking this experience to go into an exam and t have to speak so there are lots of things that you can do to prepare for this exam to help you feel less nervous and to help you get a better mark in this speaking section of your exam the first thing to know is that there are different types of speaking exams so it's really important that you research exactly what you're going to do in this exam for example you might be in the room with one person.

       you might be in the room with more than one person or you might be speaking into a computer so knowing exactly what you have to do in the exam will help you prepare for it additionally research the questions that have been asked in this exam before so do a search for the exam and then type in speaking it or speaking questions common questions and then you'll be able to find the type of questions that are usually asked in these exams that will help you prepare for the questions

       you're going to receive it's also important to work on your speaking in general because there's only so much you can do with the questions that you're going to get to work on your pronunciation work on your speaking in general do things like repeating after native speakers listening to your own answers and evaluating yourself and do the things that I always talk about to help you make progress with your speaking and your English in general so get as much practice as you can before you go into the exam and don't just concentrate on the questions but concentrate on your English in general.

        the last tip I have for you is to get feedback on your speaking so work with someone who knows the exam that you're going to take and ask them to do a trial exam with you they can ask you questions you can answer and then this teacher is going to give you feedback.

  What you need to improve they can tell you what level you currently have and they can tell you what things you need to work on for the exam it's all about practice practice practice but get that feedback as well that is really going to help you if you are taking exam in the near future then take my advice from this video and take action and I've created a free download for you that goes through these tips.
How To Close The Last Seine And Blue Tickets In Whatsapp

How To Close The Last Seine And Blue Tickets In Whatsapp

The increasing use of social media has put our relationships on the wager and is responsible for the two features of WhatsApp. These features are called the Last Seine and Blue Tick. Well, these features also help us many times. Well if you want you can even close these two features but many people do not know how to turn it off. So let us now tell you their ways.

How to turn off blue tick in WhatsApp?

How to turn off the last scene in WhatsApp?

First, go to Settings in WhatsApp and click on the account. Then click on Privacy Settings and click on the option of the Last Seine. You will now have three options everybody (all people), my contacts (my contact) and Nobody (none). Now you voluntarily click on any one option. If you want your Last Seen to see no one, then you can click the last option, No Buddy.
10 July Current Affairs 2018 Latest Current Affairs For All Competetive Exam

10 July Current Affairs 2018 Latest Current Affairs For All Competetive Exam

    10 July Current Affairs 2018: If you are doing preparations for any competitive exams so this 10 July Current Affairs 2018 will most useful for you. yes, this is today's Current Affairs 2018. you must be prepared for this current affair. so let's check today's 10 July Current Affairs 2018

10 July Current Affairs 2018

we are happy to provide you to Current Affairs July 2018 this is special for candidates who prepared for government exams 2018. we hope you will be like this latest 10 July Current Affairs 2018. you can also download pdf for it.

In recent news, Chinchoti waterfall is related to which state?
A) Haryana
B) Rajasthan
C) Maharashtra
D) Uttar Pradesh

Recently, by which state has the imposition of the penalty of up to 25000 on the use of items made from thermocol?
Q Haryana
B) Himachal Pradesh
C) Meghalaya
D) Manipur
Recently, the Chief Minister of Kerala has been rewarded for getting quick control of NIPA virus.
A) Indian Research Institute Bangalore
B) Indian Health Academy
C) World Health Organization
D) University of Maryland School of Medicine
Where is the two-day International Round Table Conference being organized
A) Pune
B) Kolkata
C) Mumbai
D) New Delhi
Which country’s President is on Indian tour recently from July 8
A) Japan
B) South Korea
C) America
D) Indonesia
Recently M.M.Jacab has passed away from whom it belongs
A) Haryana Chief Minister
B) Former Governor of Uttarakhand
C) Former Governor of Meghalaya
D) Rajasthan East CM
Where is the inauguration of the 17th World Sanskrit Conference held from 9-13 July
A) London
B) Canada
D) Cuba
D) Singapore
Recently, during the Prime Minister’s Rajasthan tour, a total of 2100 crores of new projects have been laid down.
A) 10
B) 12
C) 13
D) 16
Where will the UNDATED meeting of the third inter-governmental expert be held on consumer protection
A) Dubai
B) Switzerland
C) Tokyo
D) New Delhi

For best contribution in the aluminum knowledge domain, the Government of India has awarded the Knowledge Excellence Award
A) Prakash Sehgal
B) Gopinath Mishra
C) Doctor Tapan Kumar Chand
D) Siddharth Malhotra
Which Indian woman has won gold at the Gymnastics World Cup 2018 recently?
A) Sakshi Malik
B) Deepa Karmakar
C) PV Indus
D) None of these
Recently, K. Kasturirangan Samiti is related to
A) Environmental protection
B) Education Policy
C) Health Safety
D) None of these

Which Indian player recently won Bronze Medal IN the IWF Junior World Weightlifting Championship 2018
B) Suman Mehra
C) Kirti Sehgal
D) None of these
Whatsapp Group Link Unlimited Collection 2000+ Invite Links For Join Whatsapp Group

Whatsapp Group Link Unlimited Collection 2000+ Invite Links For Join Whatsapp Group

     Whatsapp Group Link Unlimited Collection 2000+ Invite Links For Join: Whatsapp Group: Hey You Are Looking For Whatsapp Group Link And You Want To Join Whatsapp Group Then You Are At The Right Place Now. Today We Will Presenting 2000+ Whatsapp Group links To Join. You Can Easily Join WhatsApp Groups From This List.

How To Join Whatsapp Group?

     This Is Very Easy Process of join Whatsapp Group Via invite Link. Many Users Know About It But If You Are New Then let's Know Step By Step  Process Of Joining Whatsapp Group From The Links.
  1. First of Click Any Group Link/Name From This Whatsapp Group Link List.
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  5. Now Click On "JOIN GROUP" And Just Wait Few Seconds You Will Be Automatically Add-In Whatsapp Group.
  6. Done, Now You will Be Successfully Join Whatsapp Group Via Whatsapp Group Link... Enjoy !!
      After knowing Whatsapp Group joining Process Now We Will Be Go-To Near With The Whatsapp Group Link List To Join.

Whatsapp Group Link

Best Collection List Of Whatsapp Group Link

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How much is safe WhatsApp payment, government ordered inquiry

The Electronics and IT Ministry has asked the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to investigate whether the What's Payments Service has fulfilled the rules and regulations of the customer and the data protection rules of the customer. The ministry asked NPCI to investigate that the mobile messenger app had taken sufficient steps to protect the data of the rules and customers before the expansion of their services.
WhatsApp payment

An official source said that MeitY has asked NPCI to investigate whether Whatsapp Payments is working according to the RBI's permission. Where is he storing his data? Before launching a larger version of the service, his parent company, Facebook had not shared the data with him.

On April 5, 2018, the Reserve Bank had said that all payment system operators will have to ensure that the data related to payment is only stored in India. They were given six months time to comply.

Significantly, WhatsApp owned by Facebook can launch payment service in India by next week. The people related to the case have said that even though its partners are not fully prepared.

The list of Partners of this messaging app includes HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, and Axis Bank. Also, after all, necessary preparations, the name of State Bank of India will also be included in this list. All transfers will be done through these same partners.

According to media reports, on the condition of not making the name public, a person related to the case told that the goal of Facebook was to have a full rollout in association with four partners, but in view of the growing competition in the market, the company, along with three partners, Decided to land.

In India, the entry of the WhatsApp payment is being linked to WeChat, which gave a new look to the payments while moving forward in messaging in China. The pilot version of Whatsapp Pay was launched in February with 10 million users.

More than 200 million people in India use Whatsapp Messaging. This figure is equivalent to 60 percent of the US population and is 20 times more than the active users of PettyMe.

Vivo v9 Specifications VIVO V9 Features and Specifications

     Vivo's new Smartphone VIVO V9 is launched. You can also call this Smoothfone iPhone of Vivo, that this phone is being called the iPhone Fopi! But if Vivo only gives us an iPhone, then what's wrong in this! Let's know about vivo v9 It was launched during an event in Mumbai. Its pre-booking has been started from March 23 ie today. The sale of this smartphone will be launched from April 2.

Vivo v9 Specifications VIVO V9 Features and Specifications

Vivo v9

      Vivo V9 features a 6.3 inches large HD Full-HD In-cell IPS full view display. Vieu has brought a new processor Snapdragon 626 compared to its old processor, VIVO V9 has 4 GB of RAM and 64GB of storage and there is no other variant of this phone. Now it is Vivo, so everyone is eager to know about the camera, VIVO V9 has a 24 megapixel selfie camera and 16 + 5-megapixel Dual Rear camera. This phone has a battery of 3260mAh. And this phone has the latest Oreo version of Android. Face Unlock feature is also provided in the phone. These smartphones will be available in Pearl Black, Champagne Gold, and Safari Blue Color. So this is vivo v9 full specification. In Vivo V9's box, you get the same earphone as the iPhone.

VIVO V9 Physical overview

     In the right side of Vivo v9 you get the power button and the volume rocker below it, the bottom side of the phone gets 3.5 mm audio jack, stranded USB port, Speaker, there are seam trays in the left side of the phone where you have two SIM cards and You can also put a memory card in it. The phone is completely empty towards the top,

Vivo v9 Specifications

     On the rear side, the dual rear camera and the LED under the camera get the LED flash, the Fingerprint scanner in the middle and the branding of VIVO below it gets.

Vivo v9 Camera

     On the front side, there is nonsense like iPhone and it has a 24-megapixel front camera. There is no button on the phone's screen, all buttons will be found on-screen navigation.

Patanjali SIM Card All Information

    Patanjali Sim Baba Ramdev's first step in the telecom industry was Patanjali SIM Card All Information: At one time when we used to make fun of the name of Patanjali Sim, we used to share on facebook social media but Baba Ramdev did it truth Yes Yes Patanjali's SIM is launching, Baba Ramdev has started his Patanjali SIM with BSNL.

Patanjali SIM: Patanjali SIM Card All Information

      So let's know about Patanjali SIM, Patanjali Sim has not yet got any updates, but here it is being told that Patanjali has just launched it for those people who work only in his office. That is, if it is not available in the market for all, then it is going to be available in the market very soon.

     So let us know what we will get in Patanjali Sim, you have a plan of 149 in Patanjali SIM in which you will get data of 2 GB whose validity has not yet been announced. The poster was released, he should show the news of this type and along with Baba Ramdev is going to give some insurance with it, just so much time has come for this update.

     But not everyone will get this SIM very soon. Sim launch will be available in the market and for everyone, then you can tell here whether you would like to take Patanjali's SIM. Do you think that if you are in control of Geo in big composition then If there is a Patanjali SIM card in place or not, then what do you think will be commenting about this SIM and will tell this information in all its WhatsApp groups and all the friends Sector shares have not forgotten

Top 10 SEO Tips For Rank On First Page Of Google 2018

     Top 10 SEO Tips For Rank On First Page Of Google 2018: absolute best SEO tips ever. I've used these exact strategies to rank on the first page of Google for keywords like on-page SEO, keyword research, and link building. The best part, all the tips I'm gonna share with you are insanely actionable. 

     short URLs rank best in Google. Let's move on to tip number two, Did you know that you could use Amazon for keyword research? Well, you can, here's how:

First, find a popular book in your niche on Amazon Next, check out the book's table of contents. Each chapter is a potential topic or keyword idea. Finally, pop the chapter titles into your favorite keyword research tool.
Top 10 SEO Tips

Top 10 SEO Tips For Rank On First Page Of Google 2018

      which is to optimize your title tag for CTR. I probably don't need to tell you that you should include your target keyword in your title tag, but what you might not know is that you also wanna optimize your title tag for click-through rate.

Why two reasons

      First, when you improve your CTR you get more traffic without needing high rankings, For example, let's say that you rank number four for your target keyword. If you double your CTR, you double your traffic. Second, Google recently stated that they use CTR as a ranking signal, and this makes sense if you think about it. If lots of people click on your result, it sends a clear message to Google that this page is a great result for this keyword, and they'll give you a rankings boost. Bottom line: Optimize your title tag not just for keywords, but for CTR too. later in this post, but for now,

      let's dive into tip number four, which is to publish content that's at least 1,890 words. Remember that ranking factor study that I mentioned earlier? Well, one of our most interesting findings was that longer content tended to rank better than short content. In fact, we found that the average first-page result in Google contained 1,890 words.

      Yes, this goes against the idea that people online have short attention spans, but the data proves this clearly isn't true, because the fact is this: When you create a high-value resource, people will want to read it, even if it's really long. For example, I have a post on my blog called E-commerce SEO, The Definitive Guide. This post is over 5,000 words, and it ranks in the top three of Google for my target keyword: E-commerce SEO. Bottom line: If you have a page that you really wanna rank, make sure it contains at least 1,890 words of awesome content. Let's dive right into tip number five, use title tag modifiers. Believe it or not, but most of your search engine traffic comes from very long, very specific searches.

      For example, someone searching for a new pair of slippers might search for something like this As you might expect, insanely long keywords like this aren't gonna show up in any keyword research tool. If they don't show up in a tool, how can you possibly optimize around them? It's easy, just add modifiers to your title tag. Some of my favorite title tag modifiers are the current year, best, review, free shipping, and checklist.

     So you wanna make your title tags look something like this. With a title tag like this, you'll rank for your target keyword, fluffy slippers, and dozens of long-tail keywords too. Yes, my fluffy slippers just came in the mail. With that, it's time for tip number six: Use keyword-rich URLs; this is a simple one. Whenever you create a URL for one of your pages, make sure it contains your target keyword.

      For example, here's a page at Backlinko optimized around the keyword SEO Tools. As you can see, the URL is short which is the tip I showed you earlier. And you can also see that the URL contains my target keyword, it's that simple.

Let's jump into tip number seven

      which is to use numbers in your title tag to boost CTR. Remember a few minutes ago when I said that Google uses your site's click-through rate as a ranking factor? If lots of people click on your result, it sends a clear message to Google that this page is a great result for this keyword, and they'll give you a rankings boost. The question is, how do you improve your CTR?

     One of the easiest ways to get more clicks on your result is to add a number to your title tag. According to our a recent industry study, titles with numbers get 36% more clicks than titles without a number. That's why I make sure to use a number in almost every single one of my titles. Moving right along here, we're already onto tip number eight: Use two-step email outreach. I probably don't need to tell you that to rank in Google today, you need to build backlinks, but not just any backlinks, white-hot backlinks from authority sites in your industry.

      The question is how do you do it? You see, most people send out hundreds of spam emails begging for links. In fact, that's what I did back in the day. It didn't work back then, and it definitely doesn't work today. Instead, I recommend two-step email outreach. Let me explain how two-step email outreach works with a real-life example: A Backlinko reader named Mike Bonadio was promoting an infographic for one of his clients.

      At first, Mike would ask for a link in his initial outreach email, but it wasn't working, so he decided to try a two-step approach, so in Mike's first email, instead of asking for a link right off the bat, he asked if the blogger or journalist  would like to see his infographic. When they said yes, he followed up with a link pitch, and the two-step approach led to 40% more responses than straight-up asking for a link.

      Speaking of link building, it's time for tip number nine: broken link building. Broken link building is one of my favorite white hat link building strategies. Here's how it works: First, find a site that you wanna get a link from. Next, find a broken link on that site. The easiest way to find broken links is to use the excellent Check My Links Chrome extension. When you find a broken link, look for a piece of content on your site that would make a good replacement for the dead link; if you don't have something that would make a good replacement, feel free to create one. Finally, email the site owner to let them know about their broken link, and when they get back to you, pitch your link as a replacement.

SEO tip number 10

Choose keywords with strong commercial intent. Here's the mistake I see a lot of people make,
and it's a mistake I made a lot back in the day.

What's the mistake?

       Choosing keywords that have zero commercial intent, so what does commercial intent mean exactly? Commercial intent is the likelihood that someone searching for a given keyword will buy from you. For example, someone searching for premium yoga courses has a much higher commercial intent than someone searching for free yoga videos. Wait, I have to pay for this, I'm outta here. Fortunately, you can easily size up a keyword's commercial intent using the Google keyword planner. The higher the estimated bid, the higher the commercial intent. Bottom line, yes a keyword's search volume and competition are important, but before you decide on a keyword, make sure it has at least some commercial intent.

Let's move on to tip number 11,

     which is a controversial one: Delete underperforming pages. A while back a webmaster trends analyst at Google said something very interesting: Don't create low quality and no value add pages, we think that it's a waste of resources. The other thing is that you just won't get quality traffic. If you don't get quality traffic, then why are you burning resources on it? In other words, having lots of excess pages on your site is bad for SEO, and that's why I recommend deleting pages on your site that don't bring in any traffic. In fact, proven.com recently deleted 10,000 pages from their site, and it's one of the main reasons that their organic traffic improved by 88% in six weeks.

     Bottom line, delete low-quality pages from your site. You're not getting any traffic anyway, so you have nothing to lose by deleting them. In fact, in my experience, deleting these pages can help your remaining pages rank better in Google. Now, it's time for our first video SEO tip: Optimize your videos around video keywords.

As you probably noticed
YouTube dominates Google's first page
for so many different keywords. In fact, 45% of all Google search results Contain a YouTube video, but that also means that 55%  of Google's results don't contain a video.

Why is this important?

     Well, if you're trying to rank your videos on Google, you need to make sure that there are already video results for that keyword Otherwise, your video is super unlikely to rank in Google. So, before deciding on a keyword for your video, search for that keyword in Google.

     If you see a YouTube video on the first page, great. You just found a video keyword, but if you search for your keyword and don't see a YouTube result, then you might wanna choose a different keyword to optimize your video around. Speaking of keywords, let's dive into tip number Use Reddit for keyword research.

     Reddit is one of my favorite places to find untapped keywords that my competition doesn't know about. Where else can you find a site where people discuss literally every topic under the sun? I mean, Reddit has an entire section of their site dedicated to otters, otters, seriously. So, how can you use Reddit for keyword research? Let me walk you through an example. Let's say that you run a site

      that sells Paleo diet meal replacement bars. You do a search for Paleo diet on Reddit. Then, check out any sub-Reddits or threads that cover that topic. When you see a topic covered, again and again, you have a keyword that you should look into. Pop that keyword into your favorite keyword research tool to see how many people search for that term in Google. Rinse and repeat until you have handfuls of awesome keywords.

      Link ou to authority websites. Wanna see something interesting? An SEO agency in the UK recently ran an SEO experiment. They created ten brand new website, all optimized around the same made up keyword: Phylandocic. Phylandocic, how do you even pronounce that? Anyway, the 10 websites were all set up exactly the same way except five of them had one major difference. They contained outbound links to authority websites, and sure enough, the five sites with outbound links ranked above the sites that didn't have any. Bottom line, link out to authority websites in every piece of content that you publish. 

      okay, here's our last tip, tip number 15: Hack Wikipedia for keyword research. Just like Reddit, Wikipedia is a keyword research gold mine. Here's the exact process that I use to find amazing keywords on Wikipedia. Step one: Type in a topic or keyword into Wikipedia.

      For example, if your site publishes content about coffee, you'd wanna type coffee into Wikipedia search. Step number two is to look at other articles on Wikipedia that the Wikipedia article links to. The anchor text of these links can be the great keyword or topic ideas. Finally, for step number three, look at the table of contents for that article. These can also reveal amazing keyword ideas that would be hard to find otherwise.